Garbage Disposal Overheat

Garbage Disposal Overheat

Your garbage disposal is likely underappreciated. Yes, everyone loves the fridge and the microwave, but think for a moment about how cleaning up after meals would be if the disposal stopped working. Oh, wait. That’s probably why you’re reading this guide.

There are several reasons for a garbage disposal to stop working. One of the most common is overheating. If this is the case, the problem has a very simple solution.

Can a Garbage Disposal Overheat?

Yes, a garbage disposal can overheat. If you’ve been using the garbage disposal without any issues and it suddenly stops working, you don’t even hear it humming, it likely shut off due to overheating. You may even notice that the garbage disposal is hot to the touch.

3 Common Reasons Why Garbage Disposals Overheat

Your garbage disposal may overheat due to any of the following:

  • Overuse
  • Jammed motor
  • Forcing items down the drain

How to Fix an Overheated Garbage Disposal

1. Reason: Overuse

This is the simplest fix. Wait several minutes and flip the switch on again. If that doesn’t work, open the cabinet below the sink and locate the red “RESET” button on the disposal. As a third option, go to the breaker panel, check for a switch labeled “KITCHEN” and see if the circuit breaker tripped. If it did, set it to the middle, neutral position before switching it back to “ON”.

2. Reason: Jammed Motor

If there’s something jammed in the disposal, you’ll hear a humming sound coming from the sink. Before attempting to dislodge any items, open the cabinet below the sink and unplug the disposal. Then use a flashlight to look down into the drain for anything that could be stuck. Pull any items out with tongs. Once you remove the item(s), plug the disposal back in.

3. Reason: Forcing Items Down the Drain

Give your garbage disposal a rest for a few minutes. If the red “RESET” button doesn’t work, wait 10 or 15 minutes and try resetting it again. Turn on the faucet and let cold water run down the drain for a few seconds if the disposal starts working again.

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