Welcome to Gabe’s Guides!

As homeowners ourselves, we understand that some of your biggest home investments are your AC systems, water heaters, and plumbing fixtures. So we get that when there’s a problem with one of these, you need a source of reliable information from someone who’s been in your position.

Because sometimes the solution can be as simple as replacing an air filter or changing the batteries in your thermostat and you shouldn’t have to waste $79.99 on a repairman to diagnose that!

Who We Are

Gabe’s Guides consists of a small completely in-house team that hopes to share their knowledge through easy to read and follow guides so that homeowners can troubleshoot and fix issues in their home themselves.

We believe in DIY solutions but we’ll also let you know when it’s a good idea to call in a professional.

What Sets Us Apart

Most of our competitors in this space are home service companies that give you just enough information to diagnose what the problem might be, but not how to fix it on your own. Because their goal is to convert you into a customer.

When you read their guides you can tell that they’re trying to get you to call for service instead of fixing the problem yourself. You’ll see this when the guide gets overly complicated for no reason, leaves out important information, or promotes one of the company’s services as a solution.

But not us.

Our core values are Authenticity, Authority, Knowledge, Trustworthiness, and Quality.

We spend hours and hours writing, researching, and updating our guides to include everything you need to know. It’s our goal to be a complete resource so that you don’t need to search elsewhere for more information. We fact check everything from multiple reputable sources in combination with our own firsthand knowledge on the topics.