Dishwasher Noises

Dishwasher Noises

Your dishwasher is a big investment, so it’s only natural to be on high alert when you hear unusual sounds coming from this essential appliance. Most of the time, however, noises coming from your dishwasher are totally normal. Here are 10 of the most common dishwasher noises and how to decipher whether they’re commonplace or signs of an underlying issue.

10 Dishwasher Noises and What They Mean

1. Banging Noise

If you hear banging when your dishwasher runs, it is likely a sign of a household plumbing issue called water hammer. This occurs when there is an issue with your home’s water pressure. With water hammer, as the dishwasher’s water valve closes, the force of the water can cause the pipes to rattle. This causes a banging noise. If you think your home is suffering from water hammer, you may want to call a local plumber to fix the issue.

2. Clicking Noise

Is your dishwasher making a clicking noise? Some dishwashers come equipped with electronic controls that make clicking noises as the dishwasher goes through a cycle. Coming from the control panel, these are normal and not a cause for concern.

3. Clunking Noise

A clunking noise occurs once during the wash cycle and is totally normal. All this sound means is the detergent cup opening about halfway through the cycle.

4. Grinding Noise

Some dishwashers come equipped with electronic controls that have a motor-driven electrical switching device in the panel. As a result of the motor working, it may make grinding noises as the dishwasher goes through a cycle. This is normal and not a cause for concern.

5. Humming Noise

Nearly all dishwashers will make a humming noise when running and the sound is normal. Dishwashers have a pump motor, soft food disposer, drain pump, and other parts that can all make noise.

6. Knocking Noise

Do you hear a repetitive knocking noise? This is likely caused by the spray arm hitting something inside of the dishwasher as the spray arm rotates. If you notice this sound, open the dishwasher and adjust any items inside so the spray arm can freely rotate.

7. Snapping Noise

Dishwashers can make a snapping noise when they are running or when you open the door.  If your dishwasher makes a snapping noise while it’s running, it is likely just the solenoid charging. As your dishwasher fills and drains several times throughout a cycle, the solenoid charges, which causes a snapping noise. You may notice this happening multiple times throughout a cycle and is typically not cause for concern.

Your dishwasher may also make a snapping noise when you open the door. This is completely normal if your dishwasher is a model which has a hinged detergent cup that you push to close. However, if your dishwasher is not a “turn-to-close” model, there may be a broken mechanism within the door hinges.

8. Squealing Noise

If your dishwasher is new and squeals the first few times you run it, the sound is not a cause for concern. New dishwashers may not have any water in them which causes a squealing or rattling noise. This can also occur if you haven’t used your dishwasher for an extended period of time. We recommend adding one quart of water to the bottom of the tub to diminish the noise.

9. Swishing Noise

As your dishwasher goes through a cycle, you will hear a swishing noise. This is simply the sound of water spraying inside the basin during the rinse and main wash cycles.

10. Rattling Noise

Sometimes dishwashers can cause lightweight dishes to rattle. Although this isn’t necessarily bad, it can damage your playsets and other valuables. We recommend rearranging the dishes so they are secure and cannot bang into each other.

Sometimes a rattling noise can occur for other reasons related to a faulty motor. If you suspect the rattling noise is not from the dishes but from the motor, run your dishwasher when it is empty and see if the noise is still present.

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