What Does SDHV Stand For?

What Does SDHV Stand For?

If you have an older home, it might be big on charm, but small in space. This can make central air conditioning seem like an unachievable dream. However, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort. Even in a small house with no current duct system, you can have a great working AC. Thanks to SDHV systems, even the smallest of homes can have a functioning central air system.

What Does SDHV Stand For?

SDHV stands for small-duct high-velocity and is also referred to as a mini-duct air distribution system. An SDHV system is exactly what it sounds like. It is a central air system that uses small ducts and forces the air out at high velocity. The ductwork in SDHV is made of more flexible tubing than normal, low velocity ductwork.

How Does It Work?

In many ways, an SDHV or mini-duct system works and operates in the same way as a conventional air conditioner. It is made up of an air handler, ductwork, evaporator, and outdoor compressor unit. It uses refrigerant to cool the air, and it moves hot air out, keeping your home cool.

The difference comes in the size of the ductwork and how fast the air is pushed out. The ductwork for an SDHV system is around 3” in diameter, a fraction of the size of normal ductwork. Because of this, it needs to push out the air at a much faster rate.

Low velocity systems give you a slow, cool flow of air. Since SDHV air is pushed out faster, your room will feel cooler faster. Often times with high-velocity systems, the air will actually feel several degrees cooler than you set the temperature.

Who Needs SDHV Systems?

If you live in a smaller home, this might be the ideal system for you. Many owners of smaller spaces think that traditional air conditioners can’t work for them. With normal, low-velocity systems, you will need to move around walls and cut open the ceiling to make room. SDHV systems don’t require an expensive remodel. They are minimally invasive and fit in even the tiniest of spaces.

Another great aspect of these systems is that they are great dehumidifiers. While almost all air conditioners can also take the humidity out of the air, SDHV systems remove up to 30% more moisture. This makes them ideal for hot and humid climates.

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